Monday, February 13, 2006


I miss my brief time in Antartica, sliding down 1000+ft slopes, sound of carving ice all around and the gargle of water running under the ice crevices. Luckily, the snowstorm in NYC gave me a chance to reminisce at the Central Park on Saturday. Amidst a 1910's sleigh. The initiative of the NY street that sprouts $5 umbrellas outside Subway stops when it rains, yielded US postal service plastic mail pans you could use for sliding. I used a black polythene sheet, found on the road side, with the added attraction of having no brakes. I became part of the laughter, scream and uncontrolled glee of the gaggle of boys, girls, men and women., as skiers, skateboarders and snowplows worked their magic.

At 11 PM, I decided to get a therapeutic massage. In 15 min, after a block and half of walk, I was getting pounded, head to toe, an ode to the painful pleasures of NYC.


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