Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gaming in Practice

Here are 3 examples:

  • In Palo Alto, if you call a cab company (say pre-Uber), they take your information down, but if the ride is short and not lucrative, they call a different taxi company, pretend to be you, and provide them all your info and ask for a cab.  When that cab company comes to pick you up, everything works out because you dont really pay attention to one cab co vs another or what number you dialled. That is a handoff!
  • In Indonesia, creating a carpool lane created an industry where you can hire someone (even underage) to ride with you so you can use the fast lane.
  • In Whole Foods market, non-organic fruits are found very close to organic foods or even mistakenly in trays with organic labels, and sometimes where they "routinely" place organic fruits, you find non-organic ones. If someone mistakenly grabbed the non-organic ones, they may not notice even when they check out because  The only solution for a shopper is to look at each fruit and make sure it is organic (has PLU code of 5 digits starting with 9, for certified organic). And today I saw a honeydew melon with PLU 694034 that even the Internet doesnt seem to know. :)


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