Saturday, December 19, 2015

What of ...

People asked, "And what of the little one .."

I held her in my arms: She pointed to the apple, a gleaming gala, that she wanted.
I carved out the skin and sliced it with a senzen knife from Shigeharu and offered her a piece.
She rejected it, unyielding, she pointed gleefully to the knife, now something she really really wanted.

And people asked, "And what of the big one..."

She asked for a living Christmas Tree and got one,
so trees are not hurt, cut and eventually pulped.
Then we found a Christmas Tree on the sidewalk,
Abandoned before its day.
She insisted we save it,  I hauled it on my back.
And installed the 10ft, big boned pine in the living room.
Now it sits sipping water and looking over the living tree.

And people asked, "And what of Tribeca..."

It is the Palo Alto of Manhattan.
3 Bdrm 2.5 bath houses replaced by 2500 sq ft lofts with terraces. 


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And what of you?

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