Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ad Exchange Followup

You let out something into the world, you have to follow up, that is what I believe. Here is some followup on Ad Exchanges.
  • In the list of best articles about online advertising in 2009 is an old article that reviews a few of the ad exchanges. It manages to communicate the idea that real time bidding is important.
  • This article insightfully discusses the need for advertisers and publishers to get more sophisticated (to "deaverage"), when bidding via ad exchanges for display ads. "How many relevant mathematicians are on your team, that can handle machine-learning and statistical inference type problems, utilizing data from advanced data mining?"
  • Adexchanger looks at search trends and finds the bump corresponding to the release of Doubleclick Ad Exchange.
  • Research-wise, bunch of results out there which should come out over the next few months.
ps: Here is a set of slides in David Parkes's class on my Ad Exchange paper. Some more discussions about Ad Exchanges: platform aspects, real time bidding, challenges in ad reach, transparency, etc.


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