Sunday, February 01, 2009

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I did a quick look at the blogs: Michael led an interesting discussion (as always) on making a career of being in the middle, ie., doing applied algorithms. Nearly all the algorithms researchers I know have an applied algorithms topic on their agenda (networking, databases, graphics, computational biology, mechanism design, whatever) and excel in it. The area of algorithms research should be proud. I love Luca's byte sized lecture blogs. Like many in this country get their news from Jon Stewart, I had a feeling some in theoretical computer science got their politics, perspectives and history from the Computational Complexity blog, so I hope they do not step away from discussing politics. I knew about Yahoo's scientific challenges program, but waited for David to blog about it, and he just did. There were puzzles, pictures, travel and book announcements ("The 7 Habits of Highly Defective People") and more.

And Scott comments on movies. Movies is difficult business. As Robert Altman shows in the clip on the left, every story one gets pitched is just a mash of movies from the past, Out of Africa meets Pretty Woman; in homage to his movie about movies, I decided to do this mash of blogs. "Is this going to be funny?", Tim Robbins asks.


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