Saturday, August 02, 2008

Traveling in UK

Traveling in UK is in some ways like traveling to CA. The locals are so persistent (or enthusiastic, in case of CA) with their accent that it is difficult to come back without acquiring a poor imitation: the enthusiastic people on the west coast perhaps do the High Rise Terminal, and the English a very liberal modification of R.P. Also, in some parts, UK not only has narrow streets, but also short houses that make you feel if you stretched on your feet, you can pat them on their heads.

On the bright side, people seem to have weaned themselves off fish-and-chips and bad Indian food (Indian food in UK plays the role of Chinese takeout in US for most part, and is awful, not even in the category of kebab's in Germany or pizza's in NY that are quick, toothsome street foods), and I saw genuine variety, and some coffee. Also, Banksy, the talented graffiti artist, seems to be thriving (see his work in Israel). Finally, as my taxi drove me to the airport, the Sun came out and beautiful, green rolling countryside was revealed. Nice!

On a personal side, I have a long running relationship with a piece of real estate: the Kenilworth Castle, visiting it several times under various guises for the past 13 years, all memories.



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