Saturday, July 12, 2008

Talk I: ICALP Workshop

I spoke at the Workshop on Foundations of Information Management in Networks, organized by Stefano Leonardi and Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide at ICALP 2008 the past Sunday, July 6. It was a cozy workshop with fewer than 20, all experts, and so the discussions were high quality. The breadth of talks --- reputation, recommendation to streaming and security --- was great. I used the workshop atmosphere to brainstorm about models for information aggregation. In particular, I motivated continuous communication complexity (CCC) and presented F_0, F_1 and F_2 results. Tucked in it, sketching and sampling got introduced under the guise of CCC.

Giorgio Ausiello mentioned that there is a lot of interest in EU+EATCS on network information mgmt and informed us that ICALP 2009 in Greece next year will have Track C on this topic with Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela and Yossi Matias as PC Chairs. Surprisingly, preparations for ICALP 2009 seem to have started with PCs and Invited Speakers announced already.


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