Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NY's Sanest

It is impossible to escape the Halloween day parade in NY city with the guy in a shower stall costume, the man dressed as Princess Leia with R2D2 or the usual grotesque, burlesque, politicsque, whatever. But being a resident of the city means you focus on the day after. But the NY's Finest (they levy fine?) knows not only how to control the crowd, but also, how to wrap it up. Instantly as the tail of the parade passed my street, they moved in, removed the barricades, stacked them on the side, and followed the parade wrapping it all up like dominos. Shortly after that, the NY's Sanest came in sanitary trucks, sucking the trash all in, and this AM, the streets looked just as dirty as usual, no more. Few moments in life you are glad to pay the taxes. Small collection of pictures at NYC Photobloggers, in paritcular here.


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