Friday, May 19, 2006


We all know coffee is indispensable for proving theorems. Coffee was part of my life quite early (pre-10? pre-chicory in India?). Coffee was locally roasted, ground fresh and boiled with sugar and eventually some milk. I remember the bitter taste it left behind and liked playing with the sludge. Later, as a grownup, I read fictions that spoke of "mud coffee" in a noir-ish way and that was just fine with me, I liked playing with mud too.

Coffee is of course highly popular now worldwide. Check out ineedcoffee for recipes, cartoons, esoterica, and discussions. Fresh ground coffee is good, but fresh roasted coffee is better! Ozzie's at Brooklyn (friendly review, picture) roast their coffee if you care. Sometimes I do, and it is worth retasting the bitter taste from the past.

> Lemma is what you get with Decafs.
> Imagine, what if we had Coffee Embargo, like Oil Embargo? (Somewhat unrealistic, the producers are not so clustered?)


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