Tuesday, December 24, 2019

On and Off Travel

On why I don't like to travel to Hawaii in winters: It is basically Seattle West.

On why mice and birds don't like Cats: bad reviews!

I saw the Harlem Nutcracker in Seattle. The story centers around an African American family in Harlem at Christmas, highlighting the centrality and significance of the grandmother in African-American culture, the resilience of Black American families, and Harlem as a center of the African Diaspora." It is nutcracker, not classical music but Jazz, not ballet but liberating, reverbating and pulsating dance.  I didn't have tickets. I walked in. The ticket folks asked me to "hang around" and found a back stairs way for me to fill a seat in the rear. A man in front of me leaned back and gave me a program. No words needed. At the intermission, I paid for the ticket. When the show was over, I stood outside the theater. Well dressed people were leaving the performance, they walked by, smiled, offered a smart quip or two, and it was true NY in Seattle.

I am in travel through the incomparable New Mexico right now, but in the crisp winter mountain air are NY wafts.