Sunday, September 30, 2018

ML Humor

I got an Uber driver with 3 rides total in his profile. I realized I am the target of a MAB algorithm. 

Kids, CA

After a looong week, I came home, made myself some tea, looked around with no particular focus. I saw large green mangos on the counter. Still unfocused, I checked to see if they were organic, they were. I was about to put them away when my daughter, walking past me, said, "We bought them because they are grown in CA." That perked me up, and I remembered the story of Keitt mangos, the tropical fruit groomed in Florida and grown organically in CA, available in early Fall, instantly taking me from the fall shade of Mercer Island to the shadows of a mango tree on a sunny day in south India.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Amazon Scholars Program

Amazon has an interesting way to have scholars  (professors, experts) work flexibly with Amazon. Check with the program here. Obviously online advertising is of great interest too, including ML/AI, game theory, optimization, etc.