Saturday, May 26, 2018

Children's Books

Here are two collaborative books:

- The Redwood Tree and Its Friends, and
- Left and Right.

These books are a collaboration of Eira with her parents, written when she was four years old.

The Redwood Tree and Its Friends was inspired by the time when Eira lived in a redwood forest.  She explores friendships between a growing redwood tree and other creatures.  The talented NY-based artist Alexis Kandra has brought the story to life through animals situated in abstract grids.

In the Left and Right book, Eira and her dad explore the dialogue between the left and right parts of one's body during their outdoor play activities. A talented artist from Prague - Patrik Antczak -- literally drew paper illustrations with scissors and arranged the cuts into paper sculptures for this book.
EmmEmm Publishing believes that the child will grow with collaborative books while books and stories will grow with the child. Also, children’s books deserve great art, so these projects involve painters, sculptors, installation artists, performers, and  others.  If you are inspired,  support the books and the artists: share the books with friends and libraries.

Books are available at and
Left and Right
The Redwood Tree and Its Friends

Optimization notes

  • Looking through lecture notes on convex optimization by Nisheeth Vishnoi. 
  • Celebration of Vijay Vazirani's 60th birthday, schedule looks great.
  • The winners of the 2018 ACM SIGecom Test of Time Award are: 
    • Varian, Hal R. "Position auctions." international Journal of industrial Organization 25.6 (2007): 1163-1178. 
    • Edelman, Benjamin, Michael Ostrovsky, and Michael Schwarz. "Internet advertising and the generalized second-price auction: Selling billions of dollars worth of keywords." American economic review 97.1 (2007): 242-259. 
    • Aggarwal, Gagan, Ashish Goel, and Rajeev Motwani. "Truthful auctions for pricing search keywords." Proceedings of the 7th ACM conference on Electronic commerce. ACM, 2006.