Sunday, October 29, 2017

Low hanging art

Acrylic boxes are like single-use bandaids: rip them open, use them, toss the dregs, and carry the imprint of them through the day. On the left is my attempt at teaching my kids to use an entire set of acrylics on one painting. On the right is the height of my creativity, responding to a child who wanted pancakes the shape of The Boar God Nago from Princess Mononoke.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Some days one misses humor

I know the classic "Chukcha not reader, Chukcha writer!", here is a variant:
"Chukcha posts, doesnt view (posts)!"

Monday, October 09, 2017

Amazon Docs, Theory Research kindles some fire.

I read through whitepapers to keep me updated on how companies see themselves and their products, in a technical arena.

I was checking out AWS whitepapers, where among docs that limn the core strategic view of Amazon Web Services and their products, is a research paper, theory research on random cut forest, anomaly detection, and streaming algorithms!

Here is the paper by Nina, Sudipto and others, remarkably nestled within core whitepapers for the entire AWS universe. This research must have kindled some fire, deep within Amazon.  


Sunday, October 08, 2017

Planar Matching in NC

There are problems that I carry in my bones, even if I am not actively working on them. Every once in a while you are working on something that reminds you of these problems and try to renew the attack, other times they simply simmer in your psyche.

One such problem is perfect matching in NC. I teach the Mulmuley, Vazirani, Vazirani result that perfect matching is in RNC, and even recently went back to the open problem of producing a NC solution when I was looking at some MapReduce variants.

Vijay and Nina have an arXiv paper showing planar graph perfect matching is in NC and I am looking forward to reading it.