Sunday, March 01, 2015

Few Good Lines

Over the past few weeks, people asked me for few lines on ...
  • The best line from a movie, "Boards don't hit back". 
  • On Valentines': every time I would buy coffee beans,  I would buy a  new kind and I would come downstairs in the morning, grind them, make myself a cup, make sure it tasted ok, before the rest of the family woke up. 
  • On Family: Spending 3 hrs washing, wiping, drying and transporting $100 IKEA wood tiles, doing it together as a family. 
  • On Being a Parent: When you are any fraction x into the hike, be prepared for the remaining 1-x, to carry the food, drink, jackets, and her scooter on your back, and your kid on your shoulder while she sings "Let it go".