Saturday, March 28, 2015

Art in Life

Friends ask me, are you doing Art?  I see Art these days from the corner of my eye, as it darts, streaks, comet like. My little one:
  • I showed her a Charlie Chaplain film and she said, "Buster Keaton is better, Daddy", and settled a longstanding open question.
  • She called me once during work and said, "I saw the Girl with Pearl Earring, Daddy", meaning the puristic painting, not the book or movie. 
  • She watched a street drummer in SF and said, "He is not good Daddy, he doesnt sweat like Satchmo", because I told her, you have to sweat to do great. 
  • She recognized the Joan Miro in de Young and said, "Woman!". 


Blogger jean bolot said...

I think the Chaplin/Keaton question is very age dependent - Keaton for the little ones (or Laurel&Hardy), then Chaplin (Gold Rush,..) later on then definitely Chaplin still later on (City Lights!)

9:21 PM  

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