Saturday, March 29, 2014

Research on Research

Here is research on a game of research:

  • We formulated an Academic Game, where an authors' current h-index is the total effort/credit they have to invest in their research collaborations, and they can split that wisely to maximize their future h-index returns. We need to analyze this game some more!
Something to be modeled. I call this the Sheen Problem.
  • A Harvard faculty imparts some sheen to Harvard based on their research accomplishments or awards, and in turn, Harvard confers some gleam on them via its stature, history, alumni and so on. Informally, I want to separate Harvard's component  from other components in the stature of a Harvard faculty.  Is there a suitable model to study this?  Jon Kleinberg-esque progress will be cool.  (For example, one can focus on the h-index of a Harvard faculty and find a way to discount it for the Harvard effect. There are potentially other approaches.)



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