Friday, June 07, 2013

In NY Rain

A girl in short skirt, thick legs, and makeup with a heavy roller bag,
waits for the taxi at the corner, with her leather purse, long boots and umbrella.
This NYer, like others, is not going to let the rain change her plans or her outfit.

I had a quick lunch at La Maison Du Croque Monsieur, a homage to writers worldwide. An young one pointed to the typewirters and asked, "What is it?", and the answer was, "The great grandfather of an iPad."
Finally, here is what is going on in one place, one afternoon in NY. Shinsuke Ogawa's movie The Sea of Youth about the oppressive correspondence course education, "completed by selling off books and blood". Sound of silent music festival, of new music composition performed live to modern silent films from Scorcese to Gus Van Sant and Jan Svankmeier. And, Ogawa's movie Forest of Oppression from 1967 that "networked social movements and film fans across Japan to create an alternative distribution route" about phenomenon of students barricading themselves inside schools to various political ends, in the Takasaki City University of Economics". One Place, One Afternoon.


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