Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fixing IPL Games: Market Design Issues

Indian Premier League (IPL) is an innovation. It takes a classic 5 days long cricket game that had whittled down to its 1 day version sometime in the past, further shaves it down to a few hours, and built a professional league. Now each game is like a long Bollywood movie, and people tell me they are just as popular, even managing to pull in a large female audience thanks to the halftime drama.

This is an interesting market. On the positive side,  IPL has built a fat top pyramid and expanded the opportunities of cricketing talent worldwide, together with all the trickle-down effects. On the negative side, there is the ongoing match fixing scandal, which is interesting for market design:
  • They do spot-fixing (target number of runs per over, etc) and not match-fixing. Slicing the full match into nuggets yields a more compelling market. 
  • The players use signalling schemes like towels tugged in etc, the bookies signal using WhatsApp and other cross platform messaging systems.
  • During a 150sec break, apparently transactions total US$100M. They use software like "Back N Lay Pro" to estimate probabilities and set up bets. 
Btw, this is illegal. 


Anonymous premier league live said...

This is all intentional deception. Some speak of a sliding scale - diving for a criminal complaint for a throw is not as bad as that. I had by a Rory Dewlap throw-in, especially if you are not convinced.

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