Wednesday, January 02, 2013

SODA 2013 Announcement

At the risk of repetition on the blog world, here is an announcement:
Dear SODA attendees,

We want to make sure that you are aware of a change in the format of SODA/ALENEX/ANALCO.  In recent years, ALENEX and ANALCO have been held on the Saturday before SODA and had separate registration.  This year we are trying a different format.  ANALCO and ALENEX will both be held in parallel with SODA; ANALCO on Sunday and ALENEX on Monday.  There is no longer an separate registration for ALENEX and ANALCO, everyone is automatically registered for all three.  That is, all SODA attendees are welcome to attend  ANALCO and ALENEX talks.  We encourage you to look at the program and attend any talks that interest you.  We also welcome any feedback on this new format, after you have attended the conference.

Bob Sedgewick (ANALCO steering committee chair)
Cliff Stein (ALENEX steering committee chair)



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