Sunday, January 06, 2013

DIMACS Wrkshp, Economics of Information Sharing, @ Stanford U.

The upcoming DIMACS workshop on the Economic Aspects of Information Sharing, will be held on February 7th - 8th, 2013, at Stanford University. This workshop is part of a broader DIMACS initiative on information sharing and dynamic data analysis. It will feature invited talks by experts from both the academia and the industry, on different aspects of the economics of information sharing, including online data markets, targeted advertising, user incentive mechanisms, and privacy-aware mechanism design. A tentative program and registration information can be found at

The workshop will cover topics on:  Mechanism design and auctions;  Economics of information;  Privacy and pricing challenges in the digital economy;  Economic models of privacy-preserving systems; Regulatory frameworks in the digital economy; Online advertising and Matching markets; Data Marketplaces.

Attendance at the workshop is open to all interested participants, and is subject to space limitations. Please register to attend this workshop. The early-bird registration deadline is January, 22nd 2013.



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