Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NY Area Theory: A day of theory turns 30

Zvi Galil started something a while ago: an annual one-day meeting at Columbia Univ in NY, get the best theory people to speak an hour each on some of the best theory results, often the recent/emerging/nascent ones. In one case, I remember Rao Kosaraju going through a proof with symbols a,...,k and missing a few eg., f, i, ... because he didnt need them once they were used in the intermediate versions of the proofs (which I am sure he did on the Amtrak train up from MD to NY! :)) Zvi set a high bar for a day of theory.

I sorta remember the white T-Shirt for the 25th anniversary of the day,  five palm imprints in black, graffiti style. The meeting is now semi-annual, and called the NY Area Theory Day, and its 30th edition takes place this Friday. The list of speakers looks awesome. Enjoy!



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