Sunday, April 03, 2011

NSF Workshop on Algorithms In The Field (May 16--18)

Algorithms research can take many forms from fundamental algorithms theory, to applied algorithms or even algorithms engineering. There is yet another (perhaps distinct) type of algorithms research, one in which researchers from different communities --- including algorithms and systems --- work together “in the field”, developing the system and theory jointly --- constantly informing each other and inventing in their respective areas --- without needing to make independent research threads meet ex post.

Thanks to NSF folks' initiative, there will be a workshop to explore this theme. Researchers from networking, databases, data mining, statistics, machine learning, social networks, parallel systems, graphics, robotics, massive data and others will participate in the workshop together with algorithms/theory researchers. This will be held at DIMACS, May 16--18. More details here.

Chances are many of you have ideas how Algorithms In The Field (8F, acronymize that!) is done, what topics should be covered, how this workshop should be structured, etc. Please email any suggestions. Your input will be much appreciated, if this workshop succeeds, our communities will benefit. Also, if students/postdocs/visitors in the neighborhood want to be at the workshop, please email.



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