Saturday, April 09, 2011

Natl Acad of Sc Talk on Streams: Suggestions?

I will be giving a talk on challenges in data stream processing at the NAS Kavli Frontiers of Science meeting in a couple of weeks in Irvine, CA. These meetings tend to bring in very bright researchers from many different areas in Science and Engg. They say,

"The success of this symposium largely rests on your ability to speak effectively to an interdisciplinary audience. Your task is to introduce top young scientists from many fields to the excitement of your field in general and your own research in particular. Your presentation should not be a review of your field; rather you should (1) clearly delineate the problem that you are trying to solve, (2) place that problem and your research in the larger context of your field and other fields, and (3) explain its significance. In general, your talk should be geared to ignite the interest of scientists outside your field, to communicate why the topic of the session is an exciting “frontier” and to provide the specifics necessary to set the stage for the general discussion after your talk or at the end of your session."

There is a long discussion following these talks. If you think of an interesting way to present data streams research (or passionately believe in some outstanding challenge, or think we should explore connections to some areas in Science, or have a new/old result that you think should be of special interest in this discussion) please send me ideas/suggestions, I can use a new angle.



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