Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Counts Dont Count

Now that Turing Awards are in the air (Congratulations Leslie!), here is some data. Recall that the h-index is the largest h such that h papers are cited \geq h times each.

Here are the h-indices of Turing award winners.
82 Robert Tarjan, 57 Alan Newell , 54 Amir Pnueli , 54 Herbert A. Simon, 53 Adi Shamir, 51 Richard Karp, 49 John McCarthy, 47 C.A.R. (Tony) Hoare, 46 John Hopcroft, 45 Jim Gray, 43 Barbara Liskov, 43 Robin Milner, 43 Ronald L. Rivest, 42 Donald E. Knuth, 41 Manuel Blum, 41 Marvin Minsky,, 41 Joseph Sifakis, 40 Edmund M. Clarke, 40 Michael O. Rabin, 40 James H. Wilkinson, 40 Niklaus Wirth,

Plenty of h-indices above this cluster, and below. All data filtered from this list.



Blogger codingplayground said...

fascinating list

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Muthu,

Just saw the post. Unfortunately, the list you are referring to is terribly inaccurate, and the actual numbers for the authors you mention are way higher. Just a random sample: both Karp and Rivest are over 60.

Not that it matters much, but just FYI.


5:32 PM  

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