Saturday, March 12, 2011

in situ Theater

I don't have concept of a weekend --- work flows from one week into the weekend and on to the next --- but I have a distinct feel for the Friday evening, when work has ``ended'' for the week, I am fatigued, having gone moment to moment, and I pause some. In that mood, I went for a walk and found myself at the World Financial Center (WFC), accidently and directly walking onto the performance of The Rover by the NY classical theater.

It is what I call in situ theater. The entire 3.5 acre WFC site with its multilevel stairs becomes the stage. The action and audience are moved from spot to spot, actors move in and out of the cast and paper masks, costume and knifes flash intermittently. See NYT review. The actors did a superb job, changing their diction, body language and strides from small square spaces to long elongated ones along walking bridges, grand staircases with working escalators carrying wall street folks, and finally, to the cavernous space filled with green benches and tall trees. Surprises like this keep me going.


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Despite of the hectic schedule of the weekday job, have time to entertain you for the weekend. That one was an amusing story. Watching theatre can also relax oneself.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Valencia Dentist said...

Theatrical artist, are somewhat entertaining than watching rock concert. Such entertainment merely portrays treasured cultures. It simply relaxes your mind while watching that without hearing too loud sounds.

12:15 PM  
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Theater arts are amazing; seeing the performers do their acts in a theater is fabulous. Theatrical art performances are tough to perfect.

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