Wednesday, March 16, 2011


HackRU is the largest event of the year hosted by the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists (USACS). It is a 27-hour programming competition beginning at 11AM on March 26th at the Hill Center on Busch campus, Rutgers Univ, in NJ. The webpage says, "The goal of HackRU is to get programmers from all over to get together and make awesome applications. We will have companies presenting their APIs—until 2PM on the 26th—which will be available to contestants to use in their applications. Contestants do not necessarily have to be students at Rutgers University. Participants may enter with a group of people as a team or may choose to work solo. Food and drinks will be served throughout the contest, and free parking will be available for contest participants. Linux machines will be available for contestants, although we highly recommend bringing your own laptops. The event will end at 2PM on March 27th and the contestants with the best applications will win prizes!"

Seems like a great opportunity to go, hang out with smart people, build something.


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