Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Romance Leads to Insights

So, there is a pattern.
  • In "A Beautiful Mind", John Nash is shown having his key insight for game theory pop up when discussing dating. "If we all go for the blonde and block each other, not a single one of us is going to get her. So then we go for her friends, but they will all give us the cold shoulder because no on likes to be second choice. But what if none of us goes for the blonde? We won't get in each other's way and we won't insult the other girls. It's the only way to win."
  • In "Social Network", Mark Zuckerberg rushes out when he gets the idea for the "relationship status" option in a conversation about someone being single.
  • I am sure Newton was thinking about something when the apple (making a cameo since Eve) hit him on his head.
ps: Btw, "Social Network" is engaging (sharp dialog, good acting).
ps: Simpsons 22-2, Loan-a-Lisa, has a Mark Zuckerberg portrayal. Not as good as the Mapple store episode.


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Blogger aram harrow said...

That moment in A Beautiful Mind always bugged me because they didn't choose a Nash equilibrium! Of course, maybe there's a deeper point about Nash equilibria not being a good principle for society to follow.

10:37 AM  
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