Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ad Exchange (AdX) Update

Well, it has been a year+ since DoubleClick Ad Exchange launched. Here is an update: it made the top 10 for 2010 digital hotlist. Others on the list include facebook, twitter, zynga, iPad... Understandably, AdX is down in the list in this great company (just made the 10th). Go AdX! Here is the entry:

Advertisers are abandoning traditional buying models on the Web in favor of buying specific audiences all over the Internet using a wealth of data. Nearly every ad agency worth its salt has established a trading desk to purchase this highly targeted ad inventory at scale in real time. Ad exchanges are at the heart of this macro trend, with Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange having emerged as the clear leader. The exchange, which rolled out last fall, trades inventory from 50-plus ad networks that represent thousands of Web publishers large and small. Naturally, individual publishers also come to the exchange to directly unload leftover avails. Per Google, those publishers enjoy prices for their ad space that are an average of 130 percent higher than those achieved by ad networks. As inventory becomes more abundant across the Web, the importance of exchanges will only expand. Google's competition in the space will grow too, as independent exchanges like OpenX gain traction.

• Hundreds of thousands of advertisers
• Number of transactions tripled over past year
• Average CPM lift of 136 percent compared with standard ad inventory, per Google research

Congratulations to the team. Here is a link to all my previous posts on AdX.



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Many congrats Muthu. Impressive.

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