Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Italian Travel Fun

Travel to Italy should really be about food, friends and Fabriano on the left (making paper since 1264 AD). But it was all about flying.
I don't mean just the angst of Alitalia (the security announcements were muffled, the remote for the entertainment system on the Airbus craft was a challenge. I watched movies: Star Trek (playing the trick of projecting back in time with the characters), a documentary about Apollo flights (a great quote: "a small step for Neil, but a giant step for ..."), and when I returned, I did what I do every week, grab the New Yorker, flip to the end and read movie reviews, this time about "Up in the air".

ps: I referred to Facebook as the Masters of New Universe in a conversation.

ps: What will be a iPhone/Android application that many researchers will download and use that will network them socially for their research (CS, Sciences, Engg, etc)?


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