Saturday, November 21, 2009


Bala, the raconteur, reminded me how milk is sold and bought in India. The seller brings the cow over, it stands in front of your house, someone checks that the seller's milking jug is empty (eg, has no water), and the seller proceeds to milk the cow into the jug, and pours out the measure for the buyer (the little boy of the house gets the extra foam at the top). The world is finding ways to get back to that. These days, there are fresh milk vending machines which farmers fill directly from their farms and people pour themselves a frothing mug, a la beer. I am told.


Blogger srean said...

Well the Indian picture is not entirely representative. But in a metaphoric sense not very far from the truth either.

India went from a position at the bottom of the list of milk producing nation to the top, and that too without billions of dollars invested in industrial infrastructure. It is still an efficient, extremely distributed, cooperative of rural milk producers.

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