Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Sundries

The week is winding down, and here are a few thoughts:
  • [the weather] When people talk about the Fall, they talk about the colors, and beautiful rides to see them. But for me Fall is always about the wonderfully gusty winds. Every NY street corner becomes a setting for a French film with men and women grappling with their flying hair, or skirts that stick to them, and swirls of fallen leaves rising off the ground.
  • [coops] NY has coops. The real estate ones are the most known. But under the radar are the food coops. NY Times has a poetry of a piece on the Brooklyn food coop, a must read. To quote: “I’m seeking the olive packaging boy that was laughing at my jokes and wearing plaid pants,” said a Craigslist “Missed Connections” item last winter. “I was wearing the leopard print glasses and my responsibilities included: Mozzarella whole milk, part skim and plain goat cheese.”
  • [plays] As weather cools, people head indoors and there are always plays to watch. I watched Vigil, a two-person dark comedy about a talkative nephew harassing his bedridden old aunt to death. It had some great lines: “I’m concerned about your health these past few days,” Kemp says. “It seems to be improving.” or "Why are you putting on makeup? Why don't you let the mortician do that?"


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[weather] On Fall:

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