Sunday, August 30, 2009


I think about risk as a research problem, but in reality, I take either far much risk or far too little, unable to measure it accurately. The day was sedate and needing an adrenaline rush, I made a quick call to go up a mountain in High Tatras even as dark clouds were threatening the summit, rains were evident, and I had on just shorts and a T-shirt. I reached the summit, soaked from the cold, heavy rain. Then, I had to get down. It was a strange experience: for every few yards gained going down, I would look back and see that much of the mountain disappear under the clouds. Thus, chased by the clouds and the vanishing mountain, I stumbled back and searched for a sports clothes store to get some warm clothing.

ps: One can check out High Tatras via live cameras, it seems.
pps: The picture on the left was taken on a different day.


Blogger Unknown said...

Well, I am not sure we should call this example too much "risk taking". Perhaps you were already quite certain that it was going to rain and you didn't care much about it. Taking risk might have been like you were scared of clouds or something.
On side note, when I was doing my project on Secretary Problem, I read somewhere results of a psychological study said that people usually tend to chose too earlier than is optimum (n/e), taking less risk may be in real life situations.

P.S. : I found an other way of searching your blog using terms "muthu pizza" without quotes of course :)

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