Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Travel India

During the travel, I heard someone on the PA system in an airport go, "Will Mr. Patel and his family come to the desk please?". Shortly after, they called for Mr. Singh and his family. Sigh, do you know how many Patels and Singhs are in an airport at any time?

So many Indians around me at airports, restaurants, streets, and I am constantly surprised I don't see someone I already know. That won't happen to me when I travel in California.

The only reason I know Godthab, Goosebay or Gander, Canada, is the map the commerical aircrafts show onboard.

Movies: Y tu mamá también. Has more nudity than one can watch in the Economy class. The film is really about truth: the film hangs delicately to truth, faces it, exaggerates it, hides and reveals it. Pineapple Express. Have a car and severe doses of "pineapple express", and let life and some innocence play out. The film is really about friendships, won't happen anywhere other than in US.


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