Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Moss

Corinna Cortes, who has done a lot to put together the research group at Google NY, verbalizes a notion: the need to take responsibility for a problem, project, whatever. Researchers, in general, find that challenging. We feel the ultimate responsibility for our result, which may be a theorem, an idea, a concept or a system design. But beyond that, it is a challenge to feel the responsibility for the underlying task (in say vision, speech, databases, networking, economics, ..). We'd rather seek the next extension of our result (new theorem, different approach, better design). We are rollin' stones.


Blogger eribeiro said...

The paper about data management projects at Google is really cool. I would love to work on any of that projects with such great folks. Congratulations.

By the way, are you writing any paper about minitables?

I really liked this project and even searched Alberto Lerner's email to learn more about it, but was unable to find any current email. Any report paper would be highly appreciated.;-)

Again, congrats and keep the good work!

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks! I am glad you liked the minitable stuff. It is systems research, takes a lot of sweat to make a paper out of it. That is unlikely to happen. Email if you want to know more!

-- metoo

8:23 PM  

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