Sunday, March 09, 2008

Social Networking Ads

Sometime ago, I was deliriously sick in Kyoto, and R. Ravi saved me by reading maps, negotiating taxis, organizing the meal, and getting me back to my hotel, syrups and pills in hand. Last night, after some Jazz, Coffee and talking work with him --- futuristic formulations of economic games in internet advertising --- too hyper to immediately fall asleep, I remembered his recommendation of a NYer story. I am behind on catching up with NYers, but I hopped ahead to this story --- Raj, Bohemian --- in the current issue, and in some ways, felt rescued again. The story is in the ilk of Murakami or Bret Easton Ellis, but doesn't quite get quite as zany or suave. It is ultimately about advertising in social networks, the old fashioned kind, and makes this post definitely CS, if you fall asleep thinking about the underlying mechanisms.


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