Saturday, March 15, 2008

Book factoids

We researchers care about printed material, and books are big among us. Here are three book micro-episodes, more like odes to our rail systems:
  • Julien Basch told me that he was in a subway car and while habitually checking out what others were reading, noticed the title, no kidding: Advanced Turkey Hunting.
  • Ana Radovanovic told me she was busy reading a book, and looked up as she was about to leave, and the man sitting across from her was reading the same book. We could not confirm if they were reading the same page.
  • I went on a trolley ride in San Francisco and amidst the rattle, the slanted light and moving shadows, sat a still, stylish woman, and if ever there would be a woman in your imagination to be reading Murakami, she would be the one, and she was reading Murakami.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in west soho there is a park that last year was torn up and later refurbished. one early morning early i was walking down there -- the neighborhood was empty of people at that hour -- and there was a young woman, on a park bench in front of the torn up park -- reading Wind Up Bird Chronicle. -- pluot

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pluot,

You made my morning. I can immediately see that park in my mind, with the mural of a barren tree in black on a blue background, and if anyone was reading a book in that park, it had to be WUBC. :)



6:56 AM  

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