Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spirited Away

I have been away from home for a week, and sometimes I am called upon to play the NYer for bemusement, or other times, the situation wrestles that out of me and people are not amused, but most times, I am simply a NY taxpayer on travel. I collect my Times during the week thanks to Starbucks; when I get a chance, such as the weekend, I read quickly through the main sections, and surgically remove and retain the Arts sections for later.
A sad story of what is happening in Kenya: Wesly Ngetich, a (Duluth) Marathon winner, was killed by an arrow!! In a struggle that seems like a throwback of centuries, Wesly wanted to be a big man in the village, but for that, he needed to own 1000 cows; he had 150 and Marathon running was his way to get the rest.
I made the most of my time away, and spent the weekend on the beach, finding art, discovering artists (jeff faust shown here), and falling love with pens, this one in particular, now you know why I have to leave it behind in a store near the beach, several thousands miles away, and return home.


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