Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Affordable Art

I support efforts, public or private, for affordable housing (housing for people making say less than 35k a year) in NYC, so the city remains the place to work, play and create, for everyone, not just the rich, resident, visiting or touristing. Likewise, I think there should be affordable art too.

I know people who will be willing to buy art for 100's of dollars (not 1000's or more), and I know artists who will be happy to sell at that prices. Still, it has been difficult to get these two parties to find each other, and to develop a nice market place. Partly it is because people don't search for art the way they search for books, gifts or trinkets. Any creative ideas here will have tremendous impact.

Meanwhile, there is the Cheap Art exhibition in Athens, Jan 16 -- 26. Cheap Art is a concept where art is both exhibited and made available for public purchase. The Cheap Art gallery in the bohemian neighbourhood of Exarchia plays host to this free annual…Then there is the amazing Hotel Art in Rome. Not in the affordable category, but definitely in the art category.


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