Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week in Review

Usually I review my weeks, some times raw as they unhinge, some times in retrospect, creased and folded, but it is typically sporadic, under the whim of the schedule of my life that cannot tell the week from the weekend, the sunlight from the twilight. NY Times on the other hand is more predictable. Their Week in Review on Sept 23rd had an
  • article on (almost, not quite) Algorithms, meandering its way through Algoritmi, algorismus and other Latinisms that have obsessed me for some time ("Anonymous", the most prolific blogger, points out the related slashdot article).
  • article on Vigil for the Vanishing Tongue, that gives examples from languages spoken by only a handful of people in the world. And finally,
  • article you can not refuse (how can you?): The Day Louis Armstrong Made Noise. Lubenow interviews L. A. who finally blows, on the night of Sept 17, 1957, on race and beyond, and the world is still trying to drown out his horn.


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