Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reporting a Discovery: Copenhagen.

Even now, centuries after lands got discovered, flags planted and civilizations collided and in some cases mixed, one has a sense of discovering places, sometimes as small as a cafe, a hike route, or in rare cases, a city. I visited Copenhagen for the first time, and thought it was a personal discovery: walkable, liveable, hordes of bicycling natives, art galleries, cafes, old buildings, sailboats, and surprises. I walked onto a street party around midnite, a concert in the park, and a routine trip to the art museum (uncrowded, free and a soothing experience) had a stunning special exhibition of scuplture by Jorgen Haugen Sorensen. Not for the weak-stomached. Amid giving talks at Aarhus and Copenhagen, meeting students and potential recruits, and visiting Google office, thanks to Mikkel Thorup, I eked out a day of fun.


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