Sunday, March 25, 2007

Networking and Databases

To algorithmii, networking and databases are two application areas, and many of us make an effort to connect with those communities and face the challenges. Curiously, the networking and databases communities reach out to each other too, have taken fledgling steps, and face their own challenges.

There are two conferences: NetDB and MineNet.
  • NetDB is held this year with Usenix at Cambridge, MA on Apr 10th, with PC chairs Brian Cooper and Nick Feamster putting together a solid program including Sam Madden's keynote talk on DB issues in sensor networks.
  • MineNet will be held this year in San Diego on June 12, jointly with FCRC. Shubho Sen and Sambit Sahu put together a good program last year, and are heading the process this year too.
It is interesting to see the conversation between these communities, even as database researchers seek general principles and data management issues that cuts across multiple applications and the networking researchers seek methods that are effective in their context, which is highly dynamic and complex, interesting in its own right.


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