Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness

A few days ago, I could bare my arms in a T-shirt, even late nite, for example, on March 14th circa 10 PM, shortly after the shootings on Bleecker Street (NY Post called it Slay Rampage in the Village and followed up with the darkness, and NYT followed up on its front page (bottom right) article with a reflective In Heart of Village, 4 Lives Intersect in a Chain of Violence ).

Today, however, there is coarse snow on the ground and NY is going through a typical day after the snow. After a foot or so of snow, there is slush on the street corners and heaped snow mini-mountains on the sidewalks. Wearing boots or otherwise, people criss-cross, finding safe spots to step on and in a penguin-like stance, they make and follow pathways and hop over the puddles. Cabs speed along cleaned avenues, but lurk, slide sidways and move in a crouch down village streets. It is a theatrical day, with snowblowers in the city streets invoking the distant sound of lawnmovers on a Saturday elsewhere. Men scrap the ice off and make a few bucks, and hot pizza slices keep people warm.


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