Sunday, March 25, 2007

The City Tugs

Couples walk the city of NY in chunks of blocks. Sometimes in close embrace as in the early stages of the romance; sometimes in the comfort of romance's midlife, separated by few paces, forward or to the sides, each somewhat lost in their own thoughts; and yet other times, in dying stages, in a tiff with one walking off from the other.

No matter what, the city massages their walks through its traffic lights.

The early romancers get to linger at the traffic lights and savor; the midlife romancers draw a nice surprise when one manages to cross the street and the other is caught behind by the light or the line of speeding cars, and they sheepishly reconnect, hold hands and walk on; the ones in tiff get a respite when the leader is caught by the light and forced to stop, the lagger catches on, and they stand next to each other in huff and get another chance to reconsider, perhaps make up, perhaps rejuvenate.

Drama everyday on street corners of the city.


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