Monday, March 19, 2007

Catching up

I spent a rare weekend with friends, some from a long time ago. Curiously, these conversations made light detour to discuss our growing ages and the universal allure of the youth. Some day, we will age over it!

Aged and timed: I watched a play Burn This. It was a story of loss and love set in mid 80's in NY and was wrapped in gay life, dealing with the loss of friends, and the coming to terms of a playwright who essentially ends up writing the story of the play we watch --- of his dancer-lover discovering the MAN in another in her life and transforming it into her dance. The screenplay got sharper and the acting more natural as the play progressed (aged?).

In a dramatic moment as Jon Feldman and I brainstormed mechanism design at a white board last week staring at a plot trending the wrong way, he said, "Time, unfortunately, goes forward."

ps: Alan Lightman has a lightweight, distracting read of a book called Einstein's Dreams in which he sketches a few stories of what if time moved at different speeds at different places on earth, at different heights, or went backwards, or whatever.


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