Friday, February 16, 2007

The Secret

I watched the play The Secret of Mme Bonnard's Bath, about the painter Pierre Bonnard's life, his painting and the intersection of both in overt ways (his love interests, both the long term one which left him entrapped and the short term one that promised him the flight) and covert ways (the painting of the posed woman in bath is that of a woman who in her death imitated his painting of a woman in bath which was a painting of a woman he posed in the bath for a painting; the pleasure of the bath in its swirls mixes with the love that bled at a different place and different time). The paintings kept me entralled, the acting was fine, but I kept getting distracted with the storyline of infidelity and judgements, and of the painter who appeared the same, be it in his 20's or 70's, and therefore just inserted himself into the flow. Pierre Bonnard's paintings.


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