Saturday, July 25, 2015

NYT on Terry Tao

Well written article. We need a 21st century media to make a movie out of this story. 



Anonymous vzn said...

heartily agree! the profile is a kind of a breakthru. its so great to see a well adjusted/ thriving genius in contrast to the hollywood variety. or even others who seem to have some "personal challenges" eg Perelman (still a hero). the article didnt even mention his recent $3M millenium prize, a sort of gaping omission.
also tao's blog is an international treasure & really commend his extremely openminded/ light hand commenting policies.
his recent contribution on zhangs advance & polymath involvement is also quite notable. it seems the article left out all kinds of juicy stuff. should have been longer. but maybe tao is too humble & writer didnt do all the homework, or newspaper space constraints were too much.
see also star-studded, cash-overflowing 2015 breakthru prizes

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way Hollywood operates we need to drive over his dog for them to do the movie. There has to be some tragedy in there for them to be interested.

Maybe some independent filmmaker will take on the challenge, since his personal story is certainly worth filming and very much counter to the mad-scientist stereotype. Terry is a nice, easy going and otherwise normal guy---"otherwise normal" in the sense of "other than perhaps being the most remarkable mathematical mind since Poincare".

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@vzn: I hope the NYT article spurs others to cover the many other facets and factoids of Terry Tao with equal thoughtfulness.

@anon: I agree that for an insightful filmmaker, there is a lot to tease out in Terry's story, within the "otherwise normal" arc the NYT reporter has created, or beyond.

-- Metoo

12:39 PM  

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