Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meetings Missed or Made in NY

I visited distant places the past few weeks and missed many meetings in NY.
Enjoy the programs and happy Thanksgiving!

I did make it to one meeting, the annual Gala of NY Academy of Sciences held at Cipriani's on Nov 15, where the academy launched a scientists without borders program to combat malnourishment and advance nutritional sciences. Aneesh Chopra (CTO of US) was present and described an episode where NASA's solar forecasting puzzle was posed on the web and solved by a Russian scientist, borders long gone! Message was, connecting people leads to innovation. The winners of the Blavtnik Award for Young Scientists were announced. Thanks to people like Joan Feigenbaum, Computer Scientists are getting represented, and Yaron Lipman of Princeton CS was a winner. Daniela Schiller made a compelling note for studying behaviors, neural systems and trauma/fear. There was a joke about a string theorist husband caught cheating who says, "I can explain everything". James Watson was in audience and others got reminded how he supported science alliance so NY would become a science city. Ultimately, in NY, the issue is always real estate: people at my dinner table were architects, and knew James Carpenter, my neighbor. Finally, there is going to be a Museum of Math in NY, a physical entity. George Hart is the Chief of Content for the Museum.



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