Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ad Exchange Tutorial at EC 2010

I will be giving a tutorial on ad exchanges at upcoming ACM EC conference (june 7--11, colocated with STOC 6--8 and Complexity 9--12). I tend to have the perspective of DoubleClick Ad Exchange for selling impression ads (eg., my paper), but realize other exchanges such as RightMedia and AdECN are somewhat different. I want to include as much information as possible about the various exchanges, perspectives of buyers (ad networks) and sellers (publishers), both from research and business perspective. So, whether you are a researcher writing a paper on optimizing ad exchanges or their auctions, an ad network expert interacting with the exchange, a business leader with a perspective, or a Sales person wondering how this alternative channel will impact work, please contact me and send me material, I will sift through them and include them in the tutorial as they fit.



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