Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Learning

I remember a fairy tale (Cinderella, in a modern form as Raisel's Riddle) that ends with "And they lived and learned happily ever after". I like learning, and browsing recently, I came across Jon's course on networks, cross listed with CS/Sociology/Economics/Information Sciences! It is a challenge to put disparate material together --- from information to social networks, game theory and dynamics, markets and policy ---- into a cohesive course such as this, and the list of topics here is great. In order to be a researcher in this crossroads of an area, you should have the insight of a scientist to ask the right questions, the talent of a computer scientist for creative problem formulation and the technical strength of a mathematician to produce concrete, difficult theorems and results. And you have to be a superlative teacher to communicate all that in a classroom to the students. Looking forward to the networks book.



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