Sunday, February 08, 2009

Frivolous Thoughts on a Sunday

I saw a woman last night in a flitty red summer dress and sandals, walking down the village at a time when the movies finish and people spill out seeking slices of pizza. Maybe the cold is over for this winter in NY. Today there is a steady cool wind that reminds one of stories from far away places, bright sun and long shadows.

Beards, the kind related to hair, lead to stories. There is one about how love is the moment when a man who needs a shave becomes the man with a beard. I grew a beard for a few days and looked threatening or unkempt depending on one's biases. All along I looked forward to that moment when hair got to the right length and would meet the razor. The hair will get shredded of course, but would at least it would grate the razor dull. The match will be all even, scores tied, love all.

I got an email: Dear Dr. X, We have learned of your published research on chocolate. We would like to invite your participation... This came from Frank Columbus of Nova Science Publishers, Inc. This would seem to be part of an elaborate book publishing racket.


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